GoyangCVB Chairman

Lee Jae-jun
Invitation to the Goyang Destination Week 2021

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic affected not only our individual lives but also rattled the core of all industries especially that require contact, the MICE industry. However, our MICE industry is venturing out to the means of online meetings, hybrid conventions, etc., rendering this risk into an opportunity to acquire a larger share of competitiveness.

“Goyang Destination Week” is Asia’s very first MICE industry-related international conference, which invites both domestic and international MICE industry professionals to suggest new topics dedicated for the great leap of the MICE industry. The current 5th engagement of the convention will address and seek strategies for the MICE industry, in this COVID-19 era and the New Normal era through the on /offline hybrid methodology with the main topic of “MICE, Reboot the City!”.

We shall reach the destination of MICE competitiveness together, as we continue to row the large vessel in midst of this tempest time. “Goyang Destination Week 2021”, I hope you can come on board with us.

Chairman of Goyang Destination Week Preparatory Committee,

Yoon Yoo-sik
MICE, Reboot the City!

I am Yoon Yoo-sik,
the chairman of Goyang Destination Week Preparatory Committee.

I hope you are safe and healthy during this prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. Already at its 5th year, Goyang Destination Week 2021 will be hosted under the theme of “MICE, Reboot the City!”

Goyang Destination Week is Asia’s first MICE destination-related international conference hosted by Goyang city. In effect, direct changes have been made such as developing Goyang’s MICE brand as well as contributing to the competitiveness of the MICE industry in general.

In order to find new roads for coexistence through MICE, we invite you to Goyang Destination Week 2021. While the MICE industry is going through continuous hardship due to COVID-19, MICE destination’s competitiveness and sustainability enforcements are anticipated to be a big part in comprehending recent trends and strategies of the MICE industry.

Goyang Destination Week 2021 has 3 programs: the first day consists of ‘International Destination Competitiveness Forum’ and the second day will offer ‘Asia Destination Round Table’ and ‘GDSM Asia Pacific Forum’. We look forward to your participation in the event!