Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Article 1. Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information

International Destination Competitiveness Forum Website(‘URL’ or 'Website’) makes the process of clicking "I agree with the privacy statement" as an agreement of collecting and using personal information.

Article 2. Personal Information Items Collected

General Information

  1. - Collecting Period: Purpose of Registration
  2. - Required Items: Country, Name, Affiliation, Field of Interest, E-mail
  3. - Optional Item: Position
  4. - Purpose of Collecting Items: To inform notices upon registration
  5. - Period of Possession: 1 year after the forum

Article 3. Provision of Collected Items to Third Party

  1. The website shall not use the registrants' personal information beyond the scope specified in Article 1 items for personal information collection and purpose of use, or provide it to other persons, other companies or institutions.
  2. Execption is the following:
    In case there is a request from the relevant agency for investigation purposes according to the relevant statutes.
    In case a specific individual is provided to advertisers, business partners or research groups in a form that cannot be identified for statistical, academic research or market research purposes.
    In case of a request according to the procedure prescribed by the relevant statutes.
    In the event that personal information is provided according to the above information, the website will do its best not to provide the information indiscriminately against the original purpose of collection and utilization.
  3. Article 4. Correction of Personal information

    1. Registrants can request for correction of registered personal information at any time.
    2. If a registrant requests correction for personal information errors, the website does not use or provide the personal information until the correction is completed.
    3. If the wrong personal information has already been provided to a third party, the results of the correction will be notified to the third party immediately for correction.

    Article 5. Change of Privacy Statement

    This privacy statement is applied from the effective date(Aug. 1, 2021,). In the event of additional, deletion or correction of changes according to statutes and policies, we will notify them through the notice seven days before the change is implemented.